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Juliet Hall

What’s Your One Thing?

By January 9, 2019January 17th, 2019No Comments

As I reflect on 2018, I am both grateful and dismayed. While I made much progress, I am not where I want to be in my business. I scored several touchdowns, but my defensive play was weak. So, I ended 2018 not feeling like I completely won the game.

These were my touchdowns in 2018:

  • Expanded my speaking platform nationally and internationally.
  • Made positive impacts in people’s lives and in their businesses based on the phone calls, text messages, testimonials, reviews and cards/letters I received.
  • Secured my official US trademarks for OWN YOUR OPPORTUNITIES®.
  • Recognized in the “Class of 2018 Women of Excellence” by the Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine and
  • Generated more honorarium income with fewer speaking engagements in 2018 over 2017—and mostly through word-of-mouth relationships.
  • Paid off my mortgage, making me completely debt-free.
  • Lost roughly 15 pounds through healthy eating and regular exercise.
  • Read the entire Bible within a year, two years in a row.

Yes, these are all good things. And they all matter. But, these accomplishments don’t outweigh the ONE goal I failed to accomplish: I did not complete writing my first book.

This one goal matters the most to me. Why?

  1. While hard to explain, I firmly believe this is the one and only assignment God impressed on me to complete immediately after I left corporate America.
  2. There are relevant experiences and nuggets of wisdom to be written in the book that will tremendously benefit and add value to others, especially, to professional women of color like me.
  3. The book is a platform to increase my influence and add an additional stream of revenue.

And so, I missed the mark on the most important thing that, I believe, could have helped my personal and professional growth substantially. Though I had plenty of time to complete this one major milestone in 2018, I just made myself busy doing other things. Admittedly, I played lots of tennis, drank one too many lemon drop martinis with my girls, and devoted a lot of time into my dating life. Having fun is a good thing. But I should have managed my time better so that the good things didn’t diminish my focus on the ONE thing I needed to do.

Saying “no” is a good defensive practice in protecting your plan. I didn’t say “no” enough in 2018.

KNOW THIS: What you feed will grow. What you focus on expands . You can spread your focus on completing several good things and make incremental progress, or you can be laser-focused on accomplishing that ONE thing that could ultimately be your game-changer!

In 2019, I want to do the right ONE thing versus accomplishing many good things. Doing good things is good, but good things can distract you from the right ONE thing you must do. Doing that ONE thing could open the door to many other opportunities and make the difference between a good year and a breakout year.

Now, what’s the ONE thing you must do in 2019?

Share your ONE thing with me and I will hold you accountable to it. Would love to have you as a part of the #OYO Tribe as we journey to discovering our best selves. CLICK HERE to join and invite other friends to come along. And don’t forget to follow me on social media for daily inspirations.

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