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Juliet Hall

CLOCK IN: The Game Is Not Over!

By November 18, 2019One Comment

Here is one thing we know for sure: Games are NEVER won in the first quarter. They’re won in the last, at the last minute and ONLY when the clock has stopped ticking. This is why a strong finish to anything is more important than its start.

There are still a few weeks left before 2019 is over. You may have had a productive, lightning fast beginning to the new year, then later got distracted, too comfortable or (let’s be honest) flat out lazy. And in the process, time seemingly slipped by you like sands through the hourglass (there was a daytime soap with that phrase in it back in the day).

Don’t panic and don’t get sucked into thinking you have to do something big! Oftentimes, we become so enamored with “big” dreams, “big” ideas or “big” audacious goals that we paralyze ourselves into thinking if it’s not big, it’s not movement and that’s not true.

Here is your game plan: For the remainder of 2019, regardless of your position, be methodical and measured. Three examples:

  1. Instead of trying to lose 10 pounds in a month, think about how you might be able to lose two pounds in a week.
  2. Instead of setting your sights on saving $1,000 in three months, think about packing lunch from home and saving that money—especially if you are guilty (as many of us are) of ordering lunch via a food delivery service. Have you seen the amount of money you pay in fees for food delivery? SMH!!! If you opted to take that same money and put it in an interest-bearing savings account, you’d have your $1000 in no time.
  3. Instead of trying to write a 120,000-word bestselling novel in six months, focus on writing 200-300 words a day until you get there!

You get the picture, right? Going after “big” sounds amazing at the start, but it can often be deflating when you feel you haven’t made much progress. Managing the practical opportunities right in front of you is more attainable and within your control. Small wins are still wins, and they also lead to the big wins on which you have ultimately set your sights.

So remember, be methodical and measured for the remainder of 2019:

  • Focus on what you can control. Maximize the opportunities right in front of you.
  • Take one step at a time. Do a little bit each day, eventually you’ll reach your goal.
  • Celebrate your small victories. Motivation increases momentum!

Finally, be encouraged! The game is not over for you. However, in order to win, you must clock in!

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  • Garry Harris says:

    Awesome motivating messaging to get it done.. before the ball drops on a New Year…

    The Clock is Ticking…how do we climb the mountain.. with so little time left

    It is difficult ..yes…but not impossible!

    Crossing the Finish Line in Strong Form can be accomplished with the right combination of strategies and tactics

    1. Maintaining a STRONG laser like focus on target with minimal distractions

    2. Making a Daily Plan and being strongly intentional to complete each task without failure

    3. Embracing Perseverance as an Imperative and Seeing it Through; and never settling for not winning and being unsuccessful

    4. Being STRONG and maintaining your strength and Toughness; Mental, Physical and Spiritual

    5. Beginning each Day as a new opportunity to excel and meet goals

    6. Using God’s gifts in a wise manner to be the ultimate person we can and should be

    7. Knowing that success is based on consistency; Inconsistency will lead to less than desired outcomes

    8. Our outcomes are squarely a function of our level of attention to our Purposefulness, Seriousness, Commitment toward the task at hand

    9. Check in with yourself multiple times per day to ensure you are on track and not distracted

    10. Ensure you have the knowledge.skills and abilities to complete the tasks at hand..if not find them elsewhere snd keep moving

    11. Claim the Aim and Target.. Go For It, Bring It, Never Quit .. Seeing Ut Through..until the tasks are complete

    12 Recognizing that only putting in the TIME and EFFORT will result in meeting the goals, not wishing and hoping

    13. Plan an alternative success pathway if the primary pathway becomes blocked or impassable

    14. Strive to be the ultimate you.. by putting in the ENERGY ti complete the tasks what God intended you to do..why you were brought into this world

    15 Manage your cannot be reclaimed once lost… don’t give it away or use it for anything except your purpose

    16. Maintain a healthy positive attitude even when faced with only a few days in the year to complete the task; draw strength from the knowledge your are doing God’s will and you were picked for this purpose, be intentional and deliberate..and approach with a high sense of urgency..and always remember…and finally’s really all up to one is blocking you from succeeding…but you … You are the Master of Your Fate..and the Captain of Your Soul

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