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Juliet Hall

Without Vision, People…

By November 20, 2018January 24th, 2019No Comments

Finish this sentence: “Without vision, people…”

If you’re like most people, you thought of a word that begins with the letter P. Perish, right? That’s the first word that pops up when I teach servant leadership to work groups—it is in reference to a biblical proverb, “where there is no vision, the people perish.”

But let’s go deeper. Think about an experience where you had no sense of direction, or reported to someone who did not seem confident or clear about the direction he or she was leading you. How did it make you feel?

  • Lost? 
  • Without a sense of purpose? 
  • Frustrated? 
  • Left to figure things out on your own? 
  • Confused, stuck and stagnant? 
  • Unfulfilled?
  • Panicked?

These are common feelings when you are in an organization, small group, or relationship where there is no vision. There is no movement, no going from point A to point B, no sense of destiny, and no growth. In fact, there is no intentionality of anything. 

So if this is true for where there is no vision, then isn’t the opposite also true?

Let’s go back to the word “perish.” Literally, perish means to cease to exist, to suffer ruin or destruction. When you unpack this word further in some biblical translations, perish means to cast off restraint. In other words, when you have no personal vision for your life, you have no discipline . You succumb yourself to varying influences that can distract you from your true life’s assignment. When you have no internal motivation driving you, your life becomes molded around what culture or people say about you and your potential. Without vision, you delay your own self-actualization.

If you do not have a personal vision for your life, you are only living a fraction of your existence!

However, when you have a vision for your life, that vision should set certain norms and boundaries. Your vision should dictate your values and influence how you spend your time. Your vision decides for you the right people you need to bring into your life—those who will support and encourage you as you move toward your destiny. Your vision should also determine how you budget and spend your money and who you follow and listen to on social media.

When you have a clear vision, you live your life knowing what to consume and what to refrain from because your internal drive is locked on achieving your goals and realizing your destiny.

  • Write down the vision you have for your life and post it.
  • Share your vision with your trusted advisors. What advice can they offer?
  • Learn from the people who have gone before you who are or were on a similar track.
  • Invest in books and other resources to help you toward your vision.

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