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Juliet Hall

Submission Re-defined

By July 31, 20192 Comments

Submission used to be a word I hated, mostly because I didn’t understand it. I thought it was a word used in religion to control, minimize and silence women. But when I began to unpack the word, I changed my perspective.

Submission is two words: “sub”, a pretext which means under, below or beneath, and “mission”, which means assignment. So, submission is about positioning yourself in relation to your assignment, to come under the assignment you’ve been given.

In short, submission is a matter of alignment. Are you aligned with your vision? Are your decisions aligned with your core values? Are your attitudes and behaviors aligned with your belief system? Where there is alignment, there is order and discipline. And where there is order and discipline, there is progress and growth.

Think of submission not only as alignment, but also as sitting at the feet of wisdom; listening to individuals who see a bigger picture; receiving instructions from those who have more experience than you and who’ve been where you want to go; or respecting those who have the capacity to cover and protect you.

Even the most iconic and accomplished figures have someone to whom they submit. Serena Williams has Coach Patrick Mouratoglou. CEOs have their board of directors. Oprah Winfrey had Maya Angelou. Actress Jennifer Aniston, coined the fittest woman in Hollywood, has her personal trainer, Leyon Azubuike. Serita Jakes has her husband, Bishop T.D. Jakes.

If you are one who struggles with the concept of submitting, consider the following components for successful alignment:

  • An identified common denominator. There has to be a common ground between you and the person/cause/mission to which you are submitting. Do you agree with the vision? Do you share the same values or belief system? Is there a sense of shared ownership? Do you have the same goals and objectives?
  • Role clarity. You have to know your role in your relationship, team, organization and/or mission. Everyone has a specific role to play. Be sure you understand yours and fulfill it to the best of your ability.
  • Trust. It’s so important to trust the person to whom you are submitting. If you are an employee, that person is going to be your supervisor. If you are a young adult living at home, that person is your parent. If you are an entrepreneur, that person is your team or board of subject matter experts who help you grow your business. If you play a team sport, that person will be your coach or team captain, or both. Remember that the “authority” in your space is someone who, oftentimes, sees a bigger picture than you.

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  • Garry Harris says:

    Submission can be define as a condition..a state of being, …a characteristic…an observable phenomenon. which is not always an absolute.. example two set of straws of different diameter intersect and set has perfect alignment..and is hard to pull apart once overlapped and joined… the other set has a loose fit once joined and is easily pulled a part .. there fore it’s degree of submission or alignment is less than the former… thus we always try to obtain a high degree is ensure the best fit up and so we don’t easily come unjoined

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