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Juliet Hall

My 291-Day Wake-Up Call

By March 29, 2019No Comments

Do you remember the last time you dedicated hours to work on your physical fitness?

For me, it had been 291 days since I stepped foot inside the gym where I am a member. Yes, 291 days…that’s almost a year!

I cringed as I multiplied the monthly payments to the gym. Those monies were wasted because I didn’t utilize my membership.

I gasped for air jogging for three minutes at an ambitious—ha! No, measly—5.0 miles per hour before trudging my remaining time on the treadmill at 3.0 miles per hour. My body was not ready.

I suffered through other challenging exercises—jump rope, leg presses, planks, battle ropes and leg lifts. And though I pressed through the pain, I couldn’t help but think that if I could just hang in there, one day I would physically manifest into the Juliet I am supposed to be.

This vision of self-manifestation motivates me.

Self-manifestation is a human need we all share. We know—and can visualize—our inner selves being great, strong and confident. There is a little voice inside of all of us who believes we can achieve big things. We should work each day to become that person.

For years, I have been a big girl or “big-boned” as some would say. Yes, I try to keep myself active through recreational sports, primarily tennis. But, I have lacked putting in the sweat equity to build my body on a regular basis. I continuously work on improving my spirit, mind, career, finances, community and relationships—but not my physical fitness.

I’m convinced through my faith, that 2019 is my breakout year! I expect amazing things to happen in my life, those deferred dreams to become a reality. I eagerly anticipate seeing the Juliet I want to physically be emerge and introduce her healthy radiance to the world. But beyond that, I know by focusing on my physical fitness, I will achieve the following for myself:

  • Greater confidence and a more youthful appearance
  • Increased energy and endurance to stand on stage and inspire audiences
  • A greater likelihood of living longer (God willing)
  • Reduced doctor’s visits, insurance premiums and medical expenses
  • The strength to play tennis in my later years
  • A stronger heart
  • The ability to conceive and have a healthy baby as a woman over 40

What about you? Do you have physical fitness goals you need to put into action? What are you ready to do about it?

Today, let’s encourage each other to “own our opportunities” in our health and fitness. The wait (and the weight) is over! We’ve got nine months to make 2019 our breakout year!

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