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Juliet Hall

Growing Seeds – Step Two: Get Rooted

By May 18, 2018January 23rd, 2019No Comments

Only when a seed is in the right environment, enveloped by soil, warmth, light and moisture, can it begin to grow. Isolated and hidden in the dirt, the seed cracks open and unleashes its radicle—a stem connected to the embryo—which eventually forms the root system of the plant.

The root system is the seedling’s support system and serves four basic functions:

  • Absorbs water and nutrients to feed and keep the seed healthy
  • Anchors the seed to keep it grounded
  • Stores food to sustain and replenish the seed
  • Provides strength for the seed to grow and reproduce itself
Growth occurs inwardly before it appears outwardly. There is underground activity that happens before any physical manifestation is witnessed. Like seeds, the mental, emotional and spiritual transactions inside our bodies—our thoughts, our attitudes, our character—will ultimately produce the “fruit” we reveal to others.

Do you have the right support system?

Question to ponder:

  1. Who or what “feeds” you spiritually, mentally and emotionally?  Think about what you read and who you follow, watch or listen to. Do these channels influence your health and wholeness?

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