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Juliet Hall

Growing Seeds – Step One: Isolation

By April 3, 2018January 10th, 2019No Comments

There is so much to learn from nature, particularly the nature of seeds. Seeds germinate in isolation, tucked and hidden into the ground, and develop in the right environment—fertile soil, water, and appropriate temperatures (sunlight). Through the process of photosynthesis, a seed grows and transforms into its intended creation, whether a vibrant red rosebush or a tall, formidable oak tree. How amazing it is that something so enormous comes out of something so small.

Greatness begins as a seed.

Likewise, our life is a seed. Equipped inside each of us is our own unique fruit—i.e. innovative ideas, fresh creativity, and gifts that make our lives different, meaningful and necessary. Our instincts, abilities and natural tendencies provide us the puzzle pieces to our purpose. We are all created to thrive in the right space, to share our figurative fruit with the world.

Unfortunately, our environment can be like weeds, choking those very ideas and dreams that once made us free, bold and alive as children. “I’m going to be the President one day…build buildings…be a fashion designer, famous inventor, writer, artist, drummer, actress, athlete…”

“Be realistic,” is a common response, followed by, “and get your education and a good job.”

Are you living in your intended creation or living a life that doesn’t belong to you? If you dare to go against the grain of what culture and convention dictate as normal in order to pursue your own life assignment, then you first must be willing to isolate yourself and develop in the right environment.

Try These Exercises!

  1. Take a weekend to fast from distractions (social media, friends, entertainment, technology, noise).
  2. Conduct an inventory of your relationships. Who’s fostering your dreams?
  3. Share your thoughts! Use the hashtags #OYO4life or #OYO on social media, or comment below!

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