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Juliet Hall

Fight For Yourself

By August 16, 2018January 17th, 2019No Comments

Many of us wrestle on a daily basis with whom we really are against whom the world says we ought to be. Due to self-doubt, we become deaf to our inner voice echoing our unique greatness. We then misappropriate our value to a title, company, street address, degree, bank account, zip code or other entity that culture appoints as worthy. How deceiving it is to achieve all of these worldly symbols of success and still feel depressed, insignificant, and emotionally bankrupt!

Fight for yourself.

Fight because you are only given one life to live.
Fight because your human spirit is what makes you god-like and propels you to achieve the “impossible”—it must never be broken.
Fight because living in your intended creation is a divine mandate. It’s how you deposit beauty and balance into the universe you share with others.

You are built for success because God has made it so and has already given you the artillery to maximize your human capital:

Humankind is the apex of God’s creation. Both male and female were made in the likeness of our Creator and given the mandate to dominate over the earth. There is a pivotal reason why people do not like to be controlled—it contradicts our divine creation. Culture conditions people to be a laborer in someone else’s kingdom rather than to create their own. Everyone is built for dominion by the gifts embedded in them.

Fight against the influence and trappings of worldly systems that often marginalize and misguide your thinking about your true existence.

Our dreams give us a tour of our future—an insight to our intended creation. God whispers to us, about us, in dreams. He reminds us in such a loving and edifying way of the person He had in mind for us to be. Dreams are massaging to the soul—that’s why it feels good and natural. They uplift and give us a break from the harsh realities that we choose to succumb to in our day-to-day lives.

Fight to protect and pursue your dreams because they give you the needed clues to understand your purpose, the reason why you exist in this world.

Dreams are not the same as desires—God-given dreams will benefit other people, not just us. Fight for your dreams by planning, setting goals, making wise decisions, canceling out “noise,” and practicing daily disciplines for the sake of manifesting externally how you see yourself internally.

Gifts, not education, make people valuable. There is something you can do that no one else can, at least not quite like you. When you build your work around your area of giftedness, you make yourself valuable to your team, organization, and humanity. The more valuable you are, the more opportunities you attract.

Fight to know yourself and discover what makes you uniquely you. Your gifts add definition to your life and is the platform for building your kingdom. They are a natural extension of who you are and a source of energy and confidence. Gifts must be developed and refined, which happens as you pursue your interests, get outside of your comfort zone, take risks and embrace challenging assignments.


  • In what area of your life do you feel like a genius?
  • What are your dreams?
  • What is your sphere of authority?
  • What’s one attribute that makes you different from others?

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