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Juliet Hall

Fail at Fitting In

By May 12, 2017January 23rd, 20199 Comments
Fail at Fitting In - Juliet Hall

We all want to be great, but greatness doesn’t come through hard work alone. Neither does it come through one’s education, title, or even income. Greatness comes through owning who you are, owning the gifts you were born with, and serving your gifts to the world. As the famous quote in Shakespeare’s Hamlet goes, “To thine own self be true.”

Therefore, greatness is possible for everybody. If you want to be a success, then be an original.

In other words, fail at fitting in! Own who YOU are. OWN YOUR OPPORTUNITIES.

  • Know your value. Too often, we define and introduce ourselves by the title and company we work for, as if that sums up our existence. Admit it…do you ever feel like your life is bigger and more purposeful than what you get paid to do? It’s important to understand your purpose, which lives inside of you and is connected to your gifts. Purpose means “original intent” or “the reason why something exists.” Anytime you act against your original intent, design, or function, you automatically invite frustration, confusion, grief, restlessness and sometimes depression into your life. Knowing your purpose, which is connected to your gifts, and living it out makes your life relevant and more valuable. If you need help discerning your giftedness, then ask yourself:
    • What do you do naturally well?
    • What do others say you do well?
    • What are you doing that makes you shine?
    • What energizes you and makes you feel strong?
    • Where do your thoughts drift when you are alone?
    • How do you see yourself in your quiet daydreams?
  • Invest in your value. If you place your value in the company you work for, then you should pray that you never get fired. Unfortunately, that is the case for many people, where they give their power to their bosses and companies and hope for promotion, success and significance instead of looking within themselves. You were valuable before you began working for your company because of the gifts already locked inside of you. The company you work for did not give you your gifts; you were born with them. However, take advantage of the opportunities available to you on your job to invest in and refine your gifts so that you stay sharp and increase your value.
    • Seek and apply for continuing education opportunities that align with your area of giftedness.
    • Practice the habit of life-long learning. Read books, listen, and learn best practices from other people who have been where you want to go, and be humble.
    • Submit yourself to the right authority with whom you can entrust your dreams. This person could be a coach, mentor, a board of directors, or maybe even your own supervisor. The right authority will always have your best interests in mind and will want you to shine, while simultaneously providing appropriate guidance, instruction, and feedback to cultivate your gifts.
  • Share your value. Our gifts were never meant to be hidden under a rock. We were meant to share them with the world. Ultimately, this is how we showcase our value. When you own and operate in your giftedness, people will find you. Serena Williams doesn’t come to you for you to watch her play tennis…you travel to where she is and PAY to see her play. Working hard or doing good work is not the same as having a gift. The effects are different:
    • Your gifts will make a strong impression on others.
    • Your gifts will energize you.
    • Your gifts will make people’s lives better.
    • Your gifts will cause you to stand out among the crowd.
    • Your gifts will bring you into the presence of important people.
    • Your gifts will attract opportunities.
    • Your gifts will give you the platform to serve and help humanity.

Don’t just do what you are paid to do. Do what you were made to do! Deep inside your soul, your gifts are begging you to set them free! That’s why you constantly have these quiet visions, recurring daydreams…your mind is incessantly telling you about your own untapped greatness.

Fail at fitting in! The starting line is yours. Be who you are.

Fail at Fitting In - Juliet Hall


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