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Do You Attract Opportunities?

By December 13, 2016March 29th, 20202 Comments
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Your human capital is the totality of your knowledge, natural talents, experiences, competencies, health and all other intrinsic, tangible and intangible assets you possess. To assign a numerical measurement to your human capital would be difficult to exact. However, a key indicator of your growing capital is the opportunities – expanded influence, healthy relationships, promotion, desired work, etc. – you attract.

Attracting opportunities is not an accident.

I have ordinary friends living extraordinary lives, having no shortage of opportunities, several of whom happen to be millionaires. Ripe with a perpetual passion and desire to seize the moment, they push the limits of their human potential with a relentless pursuit to grow and expand their reach in different areas of their lives. They first find opportunities and maximize them, which then begins the cycle of attracting new ones. This is deeper than reading a book and listening to a podcast; their growth practices are intentional, behavioral, holistic and, in some cases, counterintuitive.

Consider the following practices they employ to attract opportunities:

1. They start.

Do not make excuses anymore for delaying something that is important to you. Taking one single, small step towards progress leads to the next step.

2. They thrive in their authenticity.

Know what makes you unique, shine in it, and do not waste your time comparing yourself to others. Comparison is an enemy that perniciously robs people of their joy. “Authenticity has no competition,” a good friend of mine once said. Develop and lead with your own God-given talents and abilities – this makes you feel strong – and find work that utilizes these instruments. When you feel strong, you perform better at work and in life. The reward for good work is more work!

3. They practice their faith.

Do not underestimate the value of having a belief system, as it provides a blueprint of order and discipline on how to live. A blueprint gives clarity and direction; without it, the result is generally confusion, frustration, stagnation, and no sense of purpose. You cannot build nor withstand anything that lacks a solid foundation and sound structure. However, where there is order and discipline, there is freedom and growth. When you follow the blueprint of your faith, you lay a foundation within yourself on which to build your life and live in your fullness.

4. They care about their name.

What do people say about you in your absence? Your name is your brand and what you promise to people. It is a reflection of your character and of people’s experiences with you. Playing well with others, keeping your word, delivering quality work, and following through on your commitments are essential to a good name. A good name means people are likely to trust you. When people trust you, they are more likely to follow you, sponsor you, and recommend you to others.

5. They exercise holistically-healthy habits.

It goes without saying that our opportunities are limited if our health – physical, mental and emotional – is compromised. Therefore, cherish your body, mind and heart. Eating cleanly and exercising regularly are essential, but also consider coaching or counseling to exercise your mind and to clean the emotional wounds of your past. Healthy people thrive.

6. They write down goals and share them.

Successful people are intentional people. They write down goals, develop a plan around their goals, and share them with others for accountability (or speak them to the Universe). What’s so magical about writing and speaking your goals? It keeps your eyes constantly on the target. It keeps you reminded and focused. Where you invest your time and energy is where you see your return.

7. They are intentional with their time.

We live in a culture of busyness, so busy that we often neglect or become numb to the people and things that are important to us. It’s easy to lose sight of our priorities. We must remember to keep first things first. People who are “messy” miss opportunities because they are befuddled and consumed by the visual and mental noise around them. Therefore, don’t overcommit yourself…just say “no.” When we minimize distractions and reduce the clutter in our lives, we create space to see and recognize new opportunities.

8. They are generous.

Generosity is the key to multiplicity. You get what you give. You want people to support you? Serve and support them. You want to expand your influence? Volunteer your time and talent to causes that matter to you. You want people to do business with you? Provide samples of your product. Simply put, when you give more, you get more.

Do you attract opportunities?

What are your thoughts about this list? How else can you develop your human capital in ways that attract opportunities?

Do You Attract Opportunities


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