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Juliet Hall

Choose Hope!

By March 24, 2020March 29th, 20206 Comments

Life feels so out of control at the moment. We are surrounded by the news of the day. It seems every other post on social media is somehow connected to COVID-19. It’s the top story in every news or media report. Schools, restaurants, gyms, businesses and churches are closed until further notice. Consumer confidence is low. And even with six feet of separation, seeing and hearing about it are almost unavoidable. But what it doesn’t have to be is all-consuming.

If you are reading this blog, you’re still here. And if you are still here, it means there is still hope. Yes, there is a crisis. Yes, we should all take precautions. But in the midst of crisis is where we build our leadership muscles!

One of the traits of great leadership is optimism. In down times, it is the leader’s optimism that pulls people up and gets them to see a future that can and will eventually be realized. Fear is more lethal and contagious than any virus. However, hope is greater than any fear. Optimism is the ability to “see those things that be not as though they were.” Optimism, when backed by sound and effective practices, is what fuels hope.

The crisis we face now is actually a growth opportunity for us all. Here are four things I know for sure about a crisis (let me know if you agree):

  • It stretches you to be creative. You’re forced to think out of the box and do things differently.
  • It makes you a better steward. You have a clearer definition of needs vs. wants. You become less wasteful!
  • It resets you. Going through a crisis has a way to ground you and bring you back to balance. It gives you another chance to learn from your previous choices so that you can make better decisions going forward.
  • It clarifies your priorities. You reconcile for yourself the people, experiences, goals and things that matter most.

Listen, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It could come in the form of a cleaner world, humans with better hygiene, closer relationships with the people we love, or certainly a greater appreciation and respect for teachers, healthcare workers and even grocery store employees! Perhaps for some, it will force us to take a day of rest once a week that will result in better health. Here’s one: better cooking skills! And maybe neighbors will begin helping other neighbors more. Grudges can be put on hold or forgiven altogether. Racial barriers might finally crumble and people link arms in ways that demonstrate our resilience, goodness and strength as a human race. Even the environment and the air quality will benefit, if nothing more than less cars on the streets blowing exhaust and toxins into the atmosphere.

We know there are challenges and issues surrounding the pandemic that we cannot control. However, there are things we can do to manage ourselves. Here are some things I am personally doing to maintain my optimism:

  1. Following all of the guidelines from the CDC and government authorities, which include staying home, washing my hands religiously and social distancing.
  2. Meditating and studying scriptures. I’m also considering a 3-day spiritual fast (let me know if you want to join me!).
  3. Limiting my intake of media.
  4. Going for walks. This has been most therapeutic, actually, for my mind, body and spirit.
  5. Speaking positivity to my family, friends and followers.

Let’s make hope contagious! How are you fueling your optimism today? Leave a comment and share with others. CLICK HERE to join our #OYO Community and be sure to follow me on social media for daily inspirations.

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  • Pam Baisden says:

    Juliet, thanks so much for your Blogs. I have truly learned a lot from you and your journey. I thank you for being a teacher/ mentor on this platform for all of us. Owning your Opportunities has truly blessed me indeed. I’ve purchased your encouragement cards for family members and friends as they struggle with trusting in SELF.

    I choose to spend this moment of stillness with God!! I am making room for God, the lover of my SOUL.

    Again I thank you, I would love to join you in the 3-day spiritual fast.


    • Juliet Hall says:

      My pleasure! I am so glad to know that my blogs have been helpful to you in your journey. I appreciate your purchase of the OYO encouragement cards. It pleases me to know that they are being used for the purpose in which they were created–to encourage others to become who God created them to be! Remain optimistic in these bleak times and just know there is an expiration date to it all. Continue to meditate on scriptures, especially Psalm 91. I will keep you informed on the 3-day fast…I plan on starting it Sunday, 29th at 7:00pm. More details forthcoming!

  • Garry Harris says:

    Awesome insights. Terrific ??

    As you stated clearly in your Blog ..the time is now for credible and unfathomable leadership

    According to a leading Black CEO.. Leadership reputations are made and broken in times of crisis

    This is also the time in which leadership at all levels is tested to it’s fullest including local, state, national and most importantky community

    In particular gaps in leadership at the community level could allow potential harmful impacts on marginalized populations like in this case seniors and persons from lower come populations

    Therefore we must the presence of resilient leadership during this crisis

    But what are the characteristics or attributes of resilient leadership

    Make Space for Feelings

    As a leader, empathy will be key to managing the anxiety of yourself, your team and key stakeholders. As a leader, your key players and you are your top responsibility. Each individual’s feelings are very real for them and we must remember to treat them as such as leaders. Be proactive by developing empathetic messaging for your team, sharing that you understand what they are experiencing. Make sure that they know that you are also experiencing a level of anxiety. Prepare yourself to spend extra time attending to the fears and concerns of your team.

    Show Resilience in a Time of Fear

    Moving your people through intentional “inspirational motivation” will give your team the push they need to keep moving through fear. Once you’ve created empathy within your team, the only way to get them to follow your lead is being a true example. Send a message of resilience and commitment through your actions. Keep operations moving as normally as possible and continue to show up as a committed leader in overdrive. This is critical. As a leader, you can’t do it without your people. Make sure they stay with you.

    Face the Facts

    As a leader it’s important that you have a clear understanding of the facts. We’ve talked a lot about feelings but it’s important to remember that feelings are not facts. Be an expert on the facts and make clear decisive action. During crisis a leader’s ability to be decisive without wavering is critical to keeping the trust and confidence of key stakeholders. Make strong decisions and have a clear explanation of why you have decided on a particular action. Trust the facts, trust yourself, and people will trust you too.
    Understand the effect of Hard Decisions
    You might have to make some really hard decisions. Be honest with yourself about the short and long term effects of those decisions and why you are making them. Be prepared for how those decisions may impact your reputation as a leader and have a strategy prepared for maintaining your image as a leader. Leadership cred is the business version of street cred. If you don’t have it, you don’t have anything.

    Resilient Leadership will help to See Us Through this Crisis

    • Juliet Hall says:

      Thanks for your leadership insights!

      • Garry Harris says:

        Besides the need for exceptional leadership, it is also clearly time for spiritual renewal…therefore I will join you in your three-day spiritual fast-starting Sunday at 7 PM ..March 29th. This Blog has been extremely helpful and reinforces the notion of the daily prayer and devotion that I am participating in with multi-faith leaders from across the globe in these times of crisis. We all pray collectively that this current crisis will serve as a catalyst to create a more resilient and sustainable world; where we emerge with a focus on the Care of Creation for ALL humankind

        Hope = Care = Resilience

        • Juliet Hall says:

          The 3-day fast will officially start on April 1st and go through April 3rd. Please refer to new video (to be released tomorrow, March 30) and upcoming blog (to be released Tuesday, March 31) for details. Let’s do this!

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