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Laurie Searle

Juliet – Thank you for moderating the 2017 Candidates Forum for our municipal election.

As host of the forum, my challenge was to find a professional speaker with moderator experience who lived outside our city, so the candidates could rest assured there would be no bias. When the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce highly recommended you, I felt confident you’d do a great job.

I appreciated the many times you met with me prior to the forum to learn about our city and its issues. The candidates appreciated that as well. They gave you high praise for the questions you asked, saying you were quite fair in evenly distributing the questions among the candidates. They also appreciated the follow up questions. One candidate said, “It’s clear that Juliet did her homework.”

The audience was appreciative as well. More than one resident commented on how tactful you were when the audience got a bit enthusiastic or started moving around. You said that the forum would pause for a few minutes to give the audience a moment to take their seats and settle down, so that the candidates could be heard. They felt you handled that situation in a respectful manner. But more than that, the residents appreciated an opportunity to submit questions before and during the forum. And by the donations collected at the end of the forum – more than $$$ – they appreciated you very much.

Thank you again for exceeding my expectations.

Juliette Cheatham


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you personally for all of your wisdom, encouragement, and advice that you shared with us at Junior League. I attended the event not knowing what to expect and with no real expectations, just this desire to start getting serious about making my life what I want it to be. I left feeling so uplifted by your words, I know I was meant to be there that morning!

I think one of the most profound pieces of wisdom you shared was that unveiling our “purpose” or true gift should be easy! Instead of embarking on a life long journey to discover what our talents are, it’s more about what feels natural and easy. Humans make things so much harder than they need to be some times by overthinking what we should leave to gut instinct. I do a pretty good job of trusting my gut in relationships and friendships but I never thought about applying that to my professional life, too!

Aside from sharing our name, I also was an English major, and coincidentally enough am from Columbia, SC!  I was very inspired by everything you shared with us and truly admire your grace, intelligence, candor and most of all that you’re a powerful, independent, successful woman bad ass!  Looking forward to finding a way to utilize my strengths!

Thanks again,

Juliette Cheatham, Colorants Chemist

Michael Davis

I had the opportunity to work closely with Juliet when she served as moderator for the Camp Creek Business Association’s 2017 City of South Fulton Mayoral Forum. Juliet is the consummate professional. Working with Juliet on the event preparation and planning was a wonderful collaborative experience.

She personifies the three qualities I believed were required to successfully moderate a nine-candidate mayoral forum and engage and inform 300 registered voters in attendance and a live stream audience. I believe those three qualities are: gravitas, preparation perfectionism, and grace. I couldn’t have been happier with how Juliet led the forum with balance, fairness, and was firm with the candidates. After the forum, a number of individuals have informed me that the CCBA forum was the best forum of the political season, and it raised the bar by which political forums will be judged moving forward.

Jull Ford Musselman, TMP

Thank you, Juliet, for providing an engaging and extremely useful session for our attendees at the 2016 Georgia Governor’s Tourism Conference. It was great information and very well presented. Your session was one of our most highly rated of the entire three-day conference. We would highly recommend you to other conferences. From our evaluations, here are some direct quotes from our attendees:

“Wonderful speaker and engaging. Very inspiring!”

“Excellent presentation. Good refresher for seasoned professionals and good for new leaders, too.”

“One of best speakers I’ve ever heard.”

“My FAVORITE part of the conference!”

“Dynamic!!! Awesome speaker and message!!”

Lucinda Cross

Juliet Hall delivered a powerful message at my Activate Conference in September 2016 at the Howard Theatre in Washington, DC. Her personal and professional experiences and expertise were the perfect inspiration for my audience.

Juliet’s candid style and vulnerability won over the packed house of women professionals and small business owners the moment she began speaking. I highly recommend Juliet for any corporate and women’s empowerment function.

John H. Eaves, Ph.D.

I have known Juliet Hall for several years in her various capacities as a corporate manager, civic leader, and public speaker. She is the quintessential professional, who is intelligent, resourceful, personable, and relatable. I recommend her highly for opportunities to provide executive coaching, public speaking, and mentoring. Audiences larger or small can benefit from hearing Juliet’s testimony of overcoming odds to achieve professional and personal success.

Michael Hightower

As Managing Partner of The Collaborative Firm, it has been a pleasure for my firm to continue our professional relationship with Juliet Hall. Juliet is a seasoned business leader who combines servant leadership with the highest standard of ethics. Our firm has and continues to benefit from her valuable corporate experiences and strategic decision making.

Joanna E. Williamson

Juliet Hall is a world-class leader and experienced public speaker who takes her audiences on the journey of self-discovery, motivation, and inspiration. With strong abilities to get along with people and clear communication skills, she gets to the heart of a matter when it comes to issues of how we are to live an abundant life and access the best God has for us. She combines life wisdom with years of valuable experience working for a major and highly respected corporation. She is accessible, authentic and profound. Through her own commitment to personal development, faith and courage she has inspired many people around the world. She is a rare find and one that is truly unforgettable.

Michelle Barron

In August 2016, Juliet Hall was our featured keynote speaker for the Women In the Spotlight Annual Women’s Empowerment Conference.

Juliet has the ability to captivate the crowd and speak on topics covering women’s issues, empowerment and faith. More importantly, she has the tools, knowledge and experience to deliver a great message.

Juliet was amazing to work with and she connected with our audience. I will definitely invite her back for future Women In the Spotlight GoinGlobal Events.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker to speak life into your audience and walk away feeling inspired, book Juliet Hall!

Dina Biondo

Juliet was a special guest speaker at our Sales Strategy Meeting for a company-wide sales team meeting at Proof of the Pudding. She spoke on the Servant Model of leadership and was able to connect with our team instantly. Her dynamic personality, passion, dedication and ability to connect with any audience was remarkable. She took the time to learn more about our organization; our vision, mission and values and incorporated this into her presentation. I highly recommend Juliet for any leadership meetings in the future. Her knowledge is invaluable!

Archie L. Bouie II

We are currently in a day and time where all hope is seemingly lost. Yet there is one thing that still provides hope to the hopeless, and a bridge to the landscape of their dreams, and that thing is education. In all of academia, nothing is more gratifying to the students, faculty, and staff like commencement. Having the right speaker is the catalyst to a successful commencement ceremony. GMC – Fairburn was given the extreme honor of having Ms. Juliet Hall to provide inspiring and challenging words to our students. Her chosen charge of “Choose Excellence”, was more than appropriate to the over 1,500 in attendance.

If your organization is ever in need of an exceptional speaker, then “Choose Excellence” and choose Ms. Juliet Hall for any occasion.

Dr. Robin D. Tellez

Juliet Hall was an exceptional and inspiring speaker at our recent 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Summit. As a large hospital system with close to 20,000 employees, it was critical to find someone that could engage our senior leaders and connect with them in a meaningful and touching way that truly made them pause and contemplate topics that are not always easy to digest. By offering insight on the topic of “Outsmarting Your Own Unconscious Bias,” she engaged our leaders by using humor, passion, genuineness and an interactive activity to keep their attention and open our minds to the importance of being aware of how unconscious bias affects our personal and workplace decisions. She was illuminating, spirited, and incredibly relevant! Juliet’s presentation was well received and the summit surveys echoed that positive feedback from its 350+ attendees of Baptist Health South Florida leaders. Thank you Juliet for your thought provoking presentation!

Timothy Ezell

Juliet Hall’s executive coaching has been a cornerstone in my professional development, blending deep insight with actionable strategies that have significantly elevated my career. Her unique blend of thoughtfulness and leadership expertise has not only advanced my professional journey but also transformed challenging environments into spaces of growth and positivity. 

Juliet served as an invaluable sounding board, guiding me through the complexities of a toxic work environment and helping me implement lasting, positive changes. Her deep understanding of servant leadership has reshaped my approach, fostering a more collaborative and empowering atmosphere within my organization.

Her personalized coaching methodology ensures relevance and impact, making Juliet an ideal coach for leaders across both the public and private sectors. She tailors her strategies to meet the unique needs of each executive, leading to significant personal and organizational advancements.

I highly recommend Juliet Hall to any leader seeking to enhance their leadership skills, motivate their teams, and drive exceptional results. Her coaching is not merely an investment in career growth but a transformative journey towards impactful leadership and organizational success.


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