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Juliet Hall is available to provide multiple services including the following:  keynote speaking, moderating panels, conducting trainings and workshops related to personal and professional development, and consulting with businesses with regard to human resources development around career engagement for mid-level management women and young adults.

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Juliet Hall captivates audiences as a natural storyteller. With 20 years of corporate management experience at two Fortune 500 companies, including 17 years at Chick-fil-A®, Juliet presents authentically bold insights, beginning with OWN YOUR OPPORTUNITIES™ (OYO), relevant to mid-level management women and young adults at any stage in their careers. The message she teaches results in individual uplift and edification, both personally and professionally. Her first-hand perspectives bring to life her OYO topics of self-empowerment, career engagement, intentional leadership and personal branding.

Click here for speaker videos of Juliet Hall. 

Juliet Hall Speaker

Juliet Hall delivers a keynote address at the 2016 Governor’s Conference on Tourism at the Georgia International Convention Center.


Juliet Hall, Trainer in Brazil

Juliet Hall trains young adults on leadership principles in Brasilia, Brazil.


Juliet has moderated numerous business, community, academic and political panels. She is known for her professionalism and preparedness, her insight and directness with Q&A, and her ability to maintain balanced engagement to achieve productive outcomes.

Juliet Hall Meeting with African leaders

Juliet Hall moderates an academic panel of African and South American global leaders on the topic “Is French Emerging as the Language of Business in Africa?” at Emory University.

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Juliet Hall moderates The City of Chattahoochee Hills Mayoral & Council Candidate Forum.


The Chick-fil-A® SERVE Model (Copyright 2001 CFA Properties) is a servant leadership platform that is taught around the world and can be customized to meet the management levels and industries of any audience. This interactive training involves the sharing of best practices great leaders have in common, according to the SERVE acronym:

S – See and Shape the Future

E – Engage and Develop Others

R – Reinvent Continuously

V – Value Results and Relationships

E – Embody the Values

Juliet Hall holds a license from Chick-fil-A, Inc. to use the materials of the SERVE Model.

Juliet Hall, a Chick-fil-A alum, delivers a keynote address on servant leadership at the 2016 Governor’s Conference on Tourism.

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