The OYO Model

#OYO Model Juliet Hall

Your self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence are what matters most.

Top performers have high self-esteem; superstars have the self-awareness that they are gifted and the perseverance to reach their highest potential. High achievers are built on a foundation of self-confidence that makes them unstoppable. What they have in common, is a willingness to START, to begin even in the face of obstacles. Their achievement, pride, accomplishment is all about being brave enough to START. It’s all about self-empowerment — no permission needed.

Engagement is a Win/Win: OWN YOUR OPPORTUNITIES® (#OYO)

In today’s fast-paced workplace, employee engagement is a challenge. According to Gallup®“Only about one-third of U.S. workers are engaged at work — and that figure has barely budged in more than a decade. Worse, just 13% of employees worldwide are engaged.” Passion, a sense of ownership, and feeling valued are the nexus where innovation becomes reality, records are broken, and brands are recognized.

OWN YOUR OPPORTUNITIES® is about knowing how to leverage your value. It’s the moment you know you have the talent to drive results. It’s transformation from waiting for permission to seizing the moment. Self-empowerment can begin anytime, anywhere – attracting greater visibility, more options, greater responsibility, and increased engagement because the starting line is yours. It’s OWN YOUR OPPORTUNITIES® – it’s #OYO.

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