I had many wins and challenges during my 20-year stint in corporate America. Eventually, I found my thriving space and my area of genius that was a natural extension of whom I was born to be. As my self-confidence grew, the people around me noticed and began to promote me in my newly discovered authority. I was operating in my gift, and my gift was attracting opportunities. I believe leveraging our unique gifts is how we demonstrate our best selves and offer tremendous value to those we serve.

OWN YOUR OPPORTUNITIES® (#OYO) is more than a slogan or a hashtag. It is an inspiration-to-action speaking and training platform for leaders who are at a crossroads in their professional or personal lives, whether the impasse is between college and work life, mid-level management success, or the C-suite. It is the result of my personal story of realizing you don’t need anyone’s permission to be who you are!